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The most committed and professionally coordinated global air ambulance service. With over 5000 successful assists worldwide in over 100 cities & countries, we’re setting higher quality standards with every mission. Led by a specialised and experienced medical team using the latest equipment, we deploy only CAMTS/ EURAMI certified operators. With over 100 international embassies as clients, we’re one of the most trusted Air Ambulance providers in the Middle East and South Asia, and the sole licensed provider operating out of Dubai, UAE. From advanced life support to critical care and pediatric medical transfers, we cover the widest range of Air Ambulance services, besides well-planned flight stretcher transfers and medical escort services.

air ambulance airlift

Air Ambulance

Airlift emergency medical patients to and from anywhere in the world, with a highly qualified team of doctors and advanced equipment.

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commercial airline stretcher service

Airline Stretcher

A lower-cost alternative to air ambulances using FAA-approved stretchers on ordinary flights, with air-ambulance medical crew.

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medical escort in air ambulance

Medical Escort

A medically trained escort for non-critical patients to help them fly confidently from home to hospital and back. 

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Booking an air ambulance

Here's a simple overview. Our support center will guide you through the details.

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Call 24x7 Support center

air ambulance records

Medical Records evaluation

Fit to Fly Assessments Dubai Abu Dhabi Air Ambulance

Fit-to-Fly Assessments

air ambulance flight

Flight Confirmation

Air Ambulance

Service is Our Jet Fuel

An international, highly-qualified and experienced air-medical team is our core strength. We’re driven by a passion to travel the world to serve, aid and rescue, and by commitment to care for the smallest detail. Service is our jet fuel. Our commitment to detail and transparency allow us to offer a quality of service that is far above market standards.

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wheelchair to air ambulance uae
Bed-to-Bed Care

From your home to hospital and back

air ambulance with fully trained crew dubai uae
Fully Trained Crew

Qualified in Emergency & Aviation Medicine

book air ambulance uae
Digital Documentation

Complete health records & real-time updates

cost effective air ambulance service dubai
Cost-effective Options

Flight stretchers and other quality innovations

The Bluedot Air Ambulance Advantage

Discover the Difference With Bluedot Air Ambulance

The Air Medical Transfer Industry can be confusing for most users. It’s hard to differentiate the quality of services or compare costs. With our commitment to service and long years of experience, we’re able to offer you clear quotes, dedicated service, and ensure the quality of flights and equipment.


Our Medical Team

Dr. Mohammed Afsal Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Mohammed Afsal
Medical Director
Chief Flight Physician

An Emergency Flight Physician with a Masters in Emergency Medicine from George Washington University, USA and Fellow in Aeromedical Services from London, UK

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Dr Natascha Paulsen Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Natascha Paulsen
MD, Emergency Medicine,
Flight Medicine

An Emergency Flight Physician with more than 24 years of experience, Dr. Paulsen is certified in both emergency medicine and travel and flight medicine, with over 1000+ air patient transfers.

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Dr. Dagemawi T Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Dagemawi T
Flight Physician

An International Medical Escort Doctor at the United Nations, Dr. Tesefaye is an American Heart Association certified BLS, ACLS provider, and an American College of Surgeons certified ATLS provider.

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Dr. Layad Anas Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Layad Anas
MD Emergency Physician (UMV - HIMMV - MOROCCO)
Flight Physician

With a Doctorate in general Medicine and expertise in the handling of special aeronautical medical equipment, Dr. Anas has escorted patients across multiple destinations in Europe and Africa.

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Air Ambulance Fleet

Bluedot Air Ambulance applies stringent quality checks when choosing from a wide range of Aircraft best suited for your needs, depending on medical condition and location accessibility:

Long Range Air Ambulance

Long Range
4000-8000+ NM

Mid Range Air Ambulance

Mid Range
2500-3500 NM

Short Range Air Ambulance

Short range
1500-2500 NM

What Our Customers are Saying

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in arranging an air ambulance to take my Employee from UAE to his home country Egypt. We were very pleased with the care received on board by your excellent team of doctors and paramedics and flight attendants. Please keep us in your prayers.

Shafee Ahmed,Egypt

I wanted to thank you again for all you did for my dad. Although he is still in the ICU, he is doing better. He sat in the chair for 2 hours yesterday & had some amazing jello for Easter Sunday dinner. You are such a gentleman & my family & I are eternally grateful for saving my dad's life. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Mr. Renold Jackson,USA

Umm Al Houl Power Co. would like to thank Universal Air Ambulance for their professional service that was provided to our employee from Qatar to Chennai, everything was handled well, the transfers service were quick and well planned AND The team was very supportive, they provided great health care and moral support for our employee.

Raya Al Qahtani,Qatar

Their services were excellent. From approval until reaching the patient in India. We are extremely happy that the patient reached his home country safely. The most relieved is that Universal was also involved in speaking to the provider in UAE and the airlines to arrange all documents that were required for evacuation. Thank you.

Rajani Jayan,India


1.How to Choose the Best Medical Transfer Option with Bluedot Air Ambulance?

Need to transfer a patient? Bluedot Air Ambulance offers several medical transfer options to meet your needs. Here’s how to choose the best option for your situation:

Assess the patient’s condition
Consider the transfer distance
Look at the destination facilities
Discuss with a medical transfer coordinator
Make an informed decision

Prioritize the patient’s safety and well-being. With Bluedot Air Ambulance, you’ll receive expert support and the best medical transfer options.

2.What should I focus on when choosing a medical transfer Service?

What options does Bluedot offer?
We offer air ambulance & ground ambulance services, tailored to meet your needs.

What’s the cost of the transfer?
It varies based on factors such as distance, level of care & more. We provide a cost estimate.

What to consider when choosing a service?
Patient’s condition, transfer distance, destination facilities, reputation, cost, availability, and experience of medical personnel.

How does Bluedot ensure patient safety?
We prioritize safety and have experienced personnel using well-maintained equipment.

3.Can I book destination hospitals and flights via your Service?

Yes! When you choose Bluedot Air Ambulance for your medical transfer needs, you can expect comprehensive transfer coordination, including destination hospital and flight booking. With Bluedot Air Ambulance, you can simplify the transfer process and ensure the patient receives the best possible care.

4.Will I get an invoice from the Company?

Yes, after making the payment, the company will draw up a final invoice and will pass this invoice to you directly. In the case, that your deposit payment has not been used completely, you can get the positive balance paid back along with your invoice.

5.Is it necessary to translate the medical report for the doctors?

If you have decided to use our services for the organization of a medical treatment program abroad, you may need to translate any medical documents if it was requested by the destination hospital medical team

6.When should I pay for the Air Ambulance services?

The service fees need to be made in advance as all the arrangements need to be made before the transfer itself

7.What happens if I cancel the program?

Upon cancellation of the medical transfer program, the prepaid amount except the fees for documents and arrangements made will be returned to you.

8.Can I book a transfer from (to) the airport and VIP-service at the airport?

Yes, this type of service is available.

9.What medical services are provided in an air ambulance?

To tackle moderate to critical medical requirements, an air ambulance is provided with emergency life support, medical escort, neonatal care, critical care services, and more. Bluedot air ambulance services are equipped with highly trained medical assistants capable of handling a range of medical emergencies. The medical services are curated as per the conditions of the patient, traveling distance, onboard resources, and types of equipment. Bedside-to-bedside caring is provided seamlessly by certified medical experts that give a rapid response with utmost dedication in every medically challenging scenario.

10.How much does an air ambulance cost?

Air ambulance service costs are determined by factors such as the flight distance, type of aircraft, and resources required such as types of equipment, medical supply for the patient’s care along with specialized experts. It is our responsibility to provide cost-effective air ambulance services, offering enhanced monitoring and support for all, including neonatal and pediatric emergency care. Medical insurance covers partial or whole of the expense of air ambulance services. It is important to get in touch with the insurance company as well as air ambulance service providers for complete cost information.

11.What are the different types of air ambulance?

There are a fleet of air ambulance services that a person can choose as per their medical requirements. Time is of the essence and hence all our air ambulance services are equipped with certified and skilled professionals. Services include helicopter air ambulance service for short-distance travel and fixed-wing/jet air ambulance services for long distances. Get in touch with Bluedot air ambulance services directly for more precise and time-bound medical assistance.

12.How do I request an air ambulance with Bluedot?

For Bluedot air ambulance services, kindly go through our contact number, email, or submit the inquiry form. Our team will get to know your needs, medical conditions and provide a complete package that suits you the best. We are happy to help, be it a mild or very critical medical emergency. Our team handles every aspect, from start to end, to ensure a safe and complete air ambulance service. We will also provide clear information on the initial estimate and provide an array of options that could be covered by your insurance policy.

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