Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

Our commercial airline stretcher service offers exceptional, swift, well-coordinated, and cost-effective service using FAA-approved stretchers on flights, with air ambulance medical crew.

commercial airline stretcher service

Airline Stretcher

When patients need to be transported for treatment but are in no state to sit through a flight that requires them to maintain a sitting position for hours due to an illness, injury, or other condition, FAA-approved airline stretcher services are a great option. A stretcher offers patients the highest possible degree of safety and comfort. The flight provider will arrange for a block of seats to be removed from the aircraft to accommodate the patient’s stretcher and all necessary medical equipment in place of these seats. Patients will be able to lie down throughout the flight.

Ensuring Patient Privacy

The airline stretcher service is also separated by a curtain to shield the patient from other passengers and give them privacy. In addition, a medical team will accompany the patient to monitor their conditions and ensure that they have constant medical attention for the duration of the flight. This also means that family or friends can easily travel along with the patient and be by their side.

International Cases

Look, for instance, at the case of American skier Nina O’Brien who broke her left tibia and fibula while competing in the Beijing Olympics and needed to be transported back to the States. Unable to leave on a chartered flight or a medical flight (the crew would have been subject to quarantine rules), the athlete was booked onto a commercial flight. “This ended up being the quickest and most convenient way to get home,” O’Brien commented.

Cost-Effective Vs. Air Ambulance

Using an airline stretcher service is also a cost-effective alternative to private transport – indeed, the longer the distance, the more the savings – and can save patients and families tens of thousands of dollars, as compared to an Air Ambulance cost, which is exclusively chartered for the patient and requires its own airport clearances, taxes, and documentation.

Coordination with Airlines

However, the booking of airline stretcher service requires detailed coordination with the airlines (especially when the patient needs to be flown from one country to another) as well as planning and clearance for the stretches(there are very specific guidelines and numerous restrictions involved in getting approval for flight stretchers, and therefore each case is individually assessed), the medications, medical equipment, and the professional team.

Bluedot Handles all Details

Through our network of international passenger airlines, we can arrange the booking of a flight stretcher and will provide a qualified medical team with equipment to care for the patient. Our services cover the entire transfer process, including:

  • Discussion with a treating physician. We will need to assess and evaluate the patient’s medical condition to determine if the flight stretcher service meets the needs of the patient. For instance, Stretcher Services are not available for transfers within the country of origin at present, but they’re a good option for long international transfers from Asia to North America or Europe to North America.
    We will also ascertain if a patient qualifies for this cost-saving service. Eligibility is determined by our Medical Director who operates in association with the Medical Department of the chosen airline.
  • Obtaining Medical Reports and Fit Fly certificate
  • Obtaining airline medical clearance
  • Booking of stretcher installation, and tickets for family or companions
  • Arranging or providing all ground transportation
  • Coordinating the transfer with the attending and receiving facility
  • Arranging for the proper medical team, equipment, and supplies
  • Coordinating the entire transfer and updating the family as the journey progresses

All throughout, Bluedot ensures the highest quality of care, attention to detail, and ‘no-compromise’ planning which results in a personalized care approach to every patient.

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