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We provide the best medical escort services to clients seeking better medical attention. Our team is uniquely equipped to deal with any challenges along the way making the client’s flight more safe and professional. Experience better medical assistance with Bluedot medical escort experts.


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Medical Escort

In non-critical cases, patients may be fit enough to fly seated on a regular passenger flight. But they may require accompaniment by a medically qualified professional, as an assurance, as well as to monitor their health as they fly. Bluedot’s network of qualified and experienced medical escorts is of special service here, ensuring a high level of personal attention.
Getting the right professional medical escort can be extremely difficult as you’ll need to vet the background and credentials of everyone. Instead, choosing a medical escort provider can ensure that the patient safely reaches the destination without any hassle or medical discomfort as Bluedot will handle everything for you.
From specialist doctors to experienced nurses, our medical director will recommend the most suitable escort after assessing the patient’s medical history and current condition, and fit-to-fly status. The escort(s) will be equipped with basic medical equipment or medication if and when necessary. Services are offered from bedside-to-bedside, ie. from home to hospital and back, should the patient require so.

Why have a Medical Escort?

Air transport can quickly and safely transport patients from medically underserved areas to areas or even countries where there are more suitable, higher-level medical facilities, and professional and specialized care available. But an integral part of this process is having a team of skilled and competent medical professionals with the patient on the flight to care for them. This is what is known as a medical escort
The medical team that escorts a patient can be made up of different medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics. They will bring all the required medicine and equipment with them, and during the flight, will administer the medical procedures required to keep the patient comfortable, alongside providing real empathy and care.

Relief & Personal Attention

This can bring an immeasurable sense of relief to patients who are frightened and overwhelmed, especially if they have no friends or family members available to accompany them at that time. Having medical professionals with a wealth of experience along with them on the flight can cause a huge weight to be lifted off their shoulders.
We ensure a high level of personal attention throughout. Bluedot Medical Escorts are qualified nurses or specialists with character, compassion, and empathy. They will be made available when required and will accompany the patient during medical transportation. Using the scheduled seats provided for normal passengers, they will provide 1:1 monitoring and medication administration to the patient.
Our escorts carry basic medical supplies and equipment (the service is not available for seriously ill or critical patients) in order to administer medical treatment, medication, observe the patient’s vitals, and ensure the comfort of the patient. Our focus is always on a personalized care approach for every patient.

Additional Services

Additionally, as part of the escort service, Bluedot provides flight booking and other transportation bookings. This ensures that the patient need not worry about the particulars of the journey such as going through the airport terminal or dealing with luggage. They will enjoy a hassle-free experience throughout.

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