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Aug 03, 2022
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medevac Aircraft

Bluedot launches the Region's Biggest Midsize Medevac Aircraft from 01 August 2022

Striving to serve its customers better worldwide, Bluedot is all set to launch the region’s biggest midsize medevac aircraft, the American-built Cessna Citation Sovereign C680. Operating out of Dubai from 01 August 2022, this will be a milestone in the Air Ambulance industry in the Middle East and South Asia.

The C680 Citation presents several advantages to the end-user in terms of capability versus price. It offers great speed (over 800kmph) and great range (over 5000km) while also being relatively economical to operate. This enables us to offer a safe, fast, and well-equipped service at great value.

The C680 Citation fixed-wing jet has good payload capabilities and will be equipped with the latest aeromedical equipment such as Monitor/Defibrillator, Ventilator, Blood Glucose Analyser, Stretcher System, Rescue Suction Unit, Perfusors, Infusion Pump, Mobile Blood Analysis Device (EPOC), ECMO / IABP Bracket, Ultrasound equipment, External Pacemaker, Portable incubator and more, depending on the mission.

The 2009-built Citation Sovereign has a cabin height of 1.73m, with the capacity to carry 2 medical crew and 4 co-passengers, besides the patient. It also serves as a business jet for charters with double-club seating for eight. In comparison with similar flights, the C680 has a bigger cabin than the Learjet60, and two more seats than the Gulfstream G150.

The C680 can operate out of shorter fields. At maximum take-off weight (MTOW), at sea level, and in standard day conditions, the Sovereign needs only 1,090m (3,580ft), while the Challenger 300 needs 1,450m and the Learjet 60 1,660m. At maximum landing weight (MLW), the Sovereign needs only 808m of runway, less than the Learjet 60’s 1,042m but more than the Challenger 300’s 796m. High temperature performance is also noteworthy, with the Sovereign able to carry eight passengers from west to east coast USA, with instrument flight rules reserves on a 35°C day.

Other technical facts about the C680: It can carry a full fuel payload of 1,000–1,200 lb (450–540 kg) and can fly 2,840 nmi (5,260 km) at a block speed of 406 kn (752 km/h). It can takeoff at 3,640 ft (1,110 m) and climb to FL410 in 19 min and to FL430 in just 26 min.

Bluedot looks forward to serving the Middle East and Asia markets with better value for money and comfort and convenience for its passengers and patients with this bigger and well-equipped aircraft. Together with our leading aeromedical team and service expertise, you can rest assured that your medical journeys will be full of hope and positivity. Get in touch with us at +971 551 881 441 to know more about the Aircraft and our aeromedical services.

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