Our Medical Team

Dr. Mohammed Afsal Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Mohammed Afsal
Medical Director
Chief Flight Physician

An Emergency Flight Physician with a Masters in Emergency Medicine from George Washington University, USA and Fellow in Aeromedical Services from KSS Air Ambulance London, UK

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Dr Natascha Paulsen Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Natascha Paulsen
MD, Emergency Medicine,
Flight Medicine

An Emergency Flight Physician with more than 24 years of experience, Dr. Paulsen is certified in both emergency medicine and travel and flight medicine, with over 1000+ air patient transfers.

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Dr. Azad Khalid Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Azad Khalid
Flight Physician

An Emergency Flight Physician and American Heart Association certified BLS and ACLS instructor, PALS and NRP provider, with a focus on confined space medicine in low-resource settings.

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Dr. Dagemawi T Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Dagemawi T
Flight Physician

An International Medical Escort Doctor at the United Nations, Dr. Tesefaye is an American Heart Association certified BLS, ACLS provider, and an American College of Surgeons certified ATLS provider.

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Dr. Layad Anas Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Layad Anas
MD Emergency Physician (UMV - HIMMV - MOROCCO)
Flight Physician

With a Doctorate in general Medicine and expertise in the handling of special aeronautical medical equipment, Dr. Anas has escorted patients across multiple destinations in Europe and Africa.

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Dr Rami Marwan Air Ambulance Team
Dr. Rami Marwan
MD, Master Internal Medicine
Flight Physician

Dr. Rami is an internal medicine specialist, especially in treating acute cases and managing critical ones, with flight escort experience of over 15 years, and in rehabilitation hospitals.

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Lijo George Air Ambulance Team
Mr. Lijo George
Chief Flight Nurse

A registered nurse with more than 10 years of experience and 150+ transfers, Mr. Lijo is skilled in assessing patient needs and developing and implementing emergency medical transfer nursing care plans.

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